Green sessions are practical, how-to sessions geared towards those with 0-4 years fundraising experience. 

Let's Talk Speaking: How to Effectively Present Your Non-Profit Story One-on-One, in a Small Group, or in front of Large Audiences


Presented by Mo Waja 

The core of strong relationship building is the connections that we make in person, talking about our organizations to prospective donors and our community of supporters. In that moment, whether in casual conversation over lunch or during a formal presentation in front of a prospect, we become the representation of our good work; which means that the decision to support our organization relies, in large part, on how compellingly we can tell our nonprofit story and express our need. In this session we’ll be looking at the three pillars of good communication: authority, clarity, and confidence, and discuss how to leverage good formal and interpersonal communication skills to build better relationships with our community of supporters.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover a better way to express your need clearly, compellingly, and efficiently.

  • Learn how to develop a consistent narrative told by every member of your organization.

  • Learn how to deliver any presentation or communication with visible confidence.

In the Moment: Improv Skills for Fundraising Professionals 

Presented by Nicole Malcolm

Add new tools to your fundraising tool-belt by learning some tricks, techniques, and truths from the world of improvisation. In meetings with our donors and funders we need to be active listeners who are agile and able to turn on a dime as needs change or when the meeting starts to go in a direction we didn’t anticipate. Take home warm-up activities that will get you and your team in the collaborative mindset for a meeting. Learn how to better “be in the moment” and keep your cool, even when you’re sweating on the inside. Part of this presentation will be interactive and “on your feet” so come ready to move, interact, and have fun playing games that will forever change the way you approach your work.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn activities and gain tools to improve your active listening in donor meetings and with your team.

  • Gain a deeper connection to your non-verbal communication such as body language and eye contact, and take home quick warm-ups to get your mind and body ready for conversations.

  • Enhance your interpersonal communication skills and take home new activities for trust building, team building, and storytelling.

Direct Mail for Nerds, by Nerds

Presented by John Lepp & Steve Thomas, CFRE

Two of the country’s biggest DM nerds will share with you over 60 years of examples, techniques and creative that worked then and still work now. It isn’t always pretty and it often doesn’t make a lot of sense but one thing is certain, you will walk out of this session with a new perspective on a classic fundraising discipline that will change how you communicate to donors tomorrow and raise more money afterward.

Learning Outcomes:

  • See examples of effective direct response that you can scale to work at your organization.

  • Learn secrets, tips and tricks you can use ASAP to raise more money.

  • Learn the history of certain tactics and techniques and how they remain relevant to help you raise money from today's donors.

Amplify your Ability to Close Major Gifts: Networking with Donor Advisors and Bringing Clarity to Complexity in Philanthropic Conversations

Presented by Alexis Gaiptman, CFRE, Paul Nazareth & Serena Hak

Canada is now older than it is younger. 90%+ of the wealth of Canadian donors are held in assets not cash. In order to stay competitive and yield maximum results, fundraisers need to grow their networks of donor advisors so they can better understand what assets will be used to create major gifts and recognize when blended giving will come into play. It can feel complicated and sometimes inaccessible to speak to donors about gifts of securities or registered products (like RRSP/RRIF). Join us and don't be nervous, we are three speakers from major gifts, planned giving and the financial services sector that will explain all of these concepts and more. Together we will explore these different perspectives so you leave with exciting new skills to expand your capacity wherever you're from in Canada (and no matter the size of your shop) in order to close more major gifts!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build a strong internal and external network of allies in order to maximize donor giving. 

  • Understand the benefits and become more confident with using complex giving vehicles. 

  • Learn about the impact of blended giving and how to successfully talk about these gifts with donors.

  • Understand elder financial and estate plans.

The Future is Female: Inclusive Strategies to Engage Women and Increase Giving

Presented by Denise Fernandes & Ainsley Dowle, CFRE

Current research confirms women hold more economic power than ever before. They are surpassing men in higher-level education and generating income at a growing rate. They are decision makers for household spending and charitable investing. Do you have them on your side? If you build it, they will come. Prior to launching the “Equality Collective”, an engagement program specifically for women, Plan International Canada had no six-figure pledges from female philanthropists. Now, in less than one year, they have secured a total of 21 major gift donors, representing more than $3M. With inclusivity at its core, the program has engaged new and seasoned philanthropists of various ages and backgrounds who are becoming deeply connected and meaningfully stewarded. There’s no time to wait. In this session we will explore the achievements possible when you engage female donors differently.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the wealth trends, demographics and psychographics surrounding female constituents. 

  • Understand the giving motivations, characteristics and methods unique to female philanthropists. 

  • Learn what women want in an engagement program and how to involve men, too.

  • Learn the requirements for organizational readiness to ensure success.

Demystifying Working with Volunteers

Presented by Erin Spink, MA (Leadership) & Samantha Barr

Relationships with volunteers can be some of the most difficult to navigate. You might even find working with them confusing and frustrating! Volunteers can be a challenge – not because they lack any IQ, skills or capacity, but because they're part-time workers who don't have the benefit of full immersion and constant involvement in the lingo, processes and practices of your organization. Since so much of what non-profits do – from events to boards to campaign advisors – is reliant on volunteers, it’s essential to manage these relationships successfully. This session will present the challenges and opportunities of working with volunteers from both the perspective of a volunteer management professional and a fundraiser who works with volunteers. We’ll discuss how you can re-frame how you work with volunteers to make the best use of this enthusiastic group. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how you can work effectively with your organization’s biggest asset.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand your role as a staff partner to volunteers. 

  • Learn tactics for handling common challenges with volunteers. 

  • Develop tools to ensure success on both sides of the volunteer/staff relationship.

How to Start a Planned Giving Program (Even if You Don't Know Anything about Planned Giving)

Presented by Aimée Lindenberger

Have you recognized that your organization needs to get proactive with planned giving? Do you not currently have an existing program? Or have one that is just not working for you? Perhaps you feel you lack experience and the knowledge of gift vehicle specifics to get a program started? If this is you, rest assured you *can* create something successful without any of the above! If you have committed donors, you can develop a highly effective planned giving program. So, come learn how you can engage your supporters in considering planned giving and start confirming more legacy gifts for your organization. We’ll look at everything from ideal hires/volunteers, how to determine your best donor pools for legacy giving, how to reach out to supporters in a way they'll respond to, PG language to use and language to avoid, cultivating interest over time, and more.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the essentials of building a non-technical planned giving program from the ground up. 

  • Gain strategies for how to evaluate donor pools in order to reach out to those who would consider making a planned gift

  • Learn a number of successful ways to reach out to supporters - by mail, phone and online to achieve average response rates between 25-60%






The Most Wonderful Time of Year (To be a Fundraiser)

Presented by David Kravinchuk & Jennifer Collins

In North America, most charities receive 30% or more of their annual donations in December, much of it delivered through holiday direct marketing campaigns. Would you like to learn how to make your next Christmas campaign a special holiday treat for your donors and your boss? Need some powerful strategies to inspire more donors to respond your appeal and boost average gift size? Then this session is the perfect holiday gift for you, your boss and your charity's mission! Join us to learn how you can inspire your donors to leave your cause a big gift under the holiday tree. You’re guaranteed to take home practical tips from successful holiday campaigns from across Canada (and one from New Zealand) that you can put to work right away.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to tell powerful stories that cut through the holiday noise to inspire donors. 

  • Cultivate powerful ideas to ensure your appeal gets noticed and is memorable.

  • Learn how a 5-cent item boosts donor engagement and sends results soaring.





Small Shop Academy: Sharing Lessons for Success


Presented by Holly Paulin  

You pour your heart and soul into fundraising for your small shop. We see you. We value you. Thank you! We can help you make your small AND mighty fundraising program even better, make your stories shine and make your donors feel amazing. You’ll learn simple approaches to reach out to your donors in ways that make them feel important and cherished, and show them how their gifts, of any size, make a major impact. You’ll see case studies and results of emotional fundraising from small shops from Canada and around the world. And you’ll walk away with practical #donorlove ideas you can put into action tomorrow to make your donors fall — and stay — in love with you.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain specific, practical advice from experienced small shop fundraisers and coaches.

  • Learn fundraising ‘nudges’ you can implement tomorrow to boost your income.

  • Understand case studies and best practices from a range of charities to come away with ideas you can adapt for your own cause.

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