Yellow sessions are knowledge and skilled-based sessions geared towards those with 5-10 years fundraising experience. 


Metrics, Measurements and Major Gifts


Presented by Danielle Begora & Liz Rejman 

Hope is not a strategy, especially in major gifts. Insights, however, can help determine strategy in securing great gifts. At Pathways to Education, at any given time, major gift officers know the number and value of solicitations in the pipeline, the number of qualified prospects and the likelihood of reaching their goals in the fiscal year. They know what they have to do, by when, and at what dollar value. This session will discuss how metrics and consistent measurement helps to drive major gift activity, providing insights that help focus front-line fundraisers on the goal of engaging and inspiring donors to support their cause.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how metrics and measurement can help drive fundraising activity and solicitations.

  • Understand case studies on how to incorporate insights into your fundraising.



Ignite their Passion! The Resurgence of Values-Based Marketing


Presented by Farrah Rooney & Chris Carter 

Picture it: a divisive election resulting in starkly drawn cultural and political lines, during which a cola behemoth makes a commercial showing us how they can make it all better. Sounds familiar? It happened in the 70s with Coke's wildly successful The Hilltop campaign, and last year with another cola company's not-so-successful ad. In 2018 we saw the viral breakthrough of the Colin Kaepernick Nike ad, which struck through our cultural clutter like a lightening bolt. We remember them, don't we? Brands are clamouring to take advantage of values-based marketing that triggers strong emotions. Non-profits can use a similar campaign to be memorable, engage new supporters and build a relationship with their donor base for years to come. In this session, we'll show you how.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about the importance of emotion and collective identity in crafting impactful, action orientated communications.

  • Learn how to leverage values-based marketing into persuasive calls to action to build your donor base, re-charge your stewardship and create a conversion strategy that works.

  • Learn how to stop focusing your marketing on what your organization does and start focusing it on how your organization makes people feel.


Cultural Competence: Why it Matters in Major Gift Fundraising


Presented by Tanya Rumble, CFRE & Hava Goldberg, CFRE 

According to a recent article published in the Council for Advancement and Support of Education magazine, 9% of the workforce in advancement offices in Canada and in the United States identify as 'non-white'. This is in stark contrast to the diverse population of North American urban areas, as well the beneficiaries of philanthropy for whom they fundraise day in and day out. This solicitation process cannot be characterized as simply a financial transaction aimed at filling a need or addressing a shortfall. Success doesn't just require thoughtfully tailored planning and rigorous and consistent implementation, it is often defined by the art of cultural competence. Development is, first and foremost, about relationship building. It is about introducing and attracting investment in and support for a vision that is compelling and engaging. We can't do this without first understanding the ways in which diverse donors wish to be engaged and the inclusive approaches to relationship building. So let's dispel some myths, build on some truths and better understand an approach to culturally competent relationship building for major giving from cultivation to stewardship.

Learning Outcomes:

Enhance your cultural competency by:

  • Improving your understanding of what it means to be an inclusive fundraiser.

  • Learning the steps to take to set the stage for relationship building across diverse communities.

  • Discussing and learning from best practices and experiences shared by your peers.

Partners in Dime: How Advancement Professionals can Benefit from Research


Presented by Sandra Mapa & Lauren Fulthorpe  

From small to large shops, learn why advancement professionals can benefit from having a research partner to help with strategy, prospect management to ultimately help you smash your goals. Sunnybrook Foundation has successfully established this effective partnership which has improved activity and helped to provide timely cultivation and stewardship to existing and prospective donors. This presentation emphasizes the importance of strategically reaching out to your current donor base and how research teams can help advancement teams create meaningful actions. Don’t have a research team? No problem! Learn top tips on how you can start researching for yourself!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how research can help advancement professionals strategize and feel confident speaking to their prospects to close more gifts!

  • Learn how to partner with research: explore how your researcher(s) can go beyond their day-to-day profile and be seen as a strategic partner to help drive action and build meaningful relationships between you and your prospects. No research team? Learn how you can start researching for yourself.

  • Understand the value of an advancement/research partnership.

Demystifying List Trades: How to Cost-Effectively Find New Donors


Presented by Scott Jeffries  

Learn the overall strategy behind 'list trading' - a practice that both protects donor data and allows non-profit mailers to cost-effectively raise more money for important causes (which is more vital than ever given the decline of direct mail). Scott will make the case that mailers who participate in this direct mail cross-promotion do so out of respect for the urgency of their mission and their promise to execute the most cost-effective fundraising possible with their organization’s entrusted donor dollars.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a better understanding of data privacy best practices in direct mail.

  • Learn how to leverage direct mail media to improve revenue without compromising privacy.

  • Learn how to improve your donor relations messaging related to direct mail media.

  • Understand how direct mail fits into the big picture of data privacy, integrated marketing, and media buying.




Best Practices in Prospect Research & Development

Presented by Tracey Church, MLIS

Join Tracey as she leads you through the best practices used in prospect research and development for your fundraising shop. How can you possibly know the background, affinity, and capacity of your major giving (and planned giving) donors and prospects without properly researching them? Are you leaving money on the table or trying too hard to fit in that prospect where it doesn’t belong? Where do your prospects belong  within your prospect pipeline and what are the best indicators as to when to activate them? How can you make prospect research a regular addition to your fundraising shop even if you don’t have a dedicated researcher? Learn about the tips and tools every fundraiser can use in order to make the best ask, at the best time, to the best prospect!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn where to find the best tools for prospect research and development in Canada.

  • Learn how to identify major (and planned) giving donors.

  • Learn how to balance your pipeline by determining the best capacity for your donors and prospects.

Let's Get Digital! How to build Digital into your Fundraising Strategy


Presented by Emma Nguyen 

Incorporating digital into your annual fundraising plans is easy and inexpensive…right? Just send out a couple of emails, do a little Tweeting and the money will come flooding in…right? If this sounds like you or your boss, this session is for you. Break down the common misconceptions about digital fundraising and learn how digital channels can support fundraising in a strategic and well-planned way. This session is a step-by-step guide on how to incorporate digital successfully into your annual fundraising plans. Learn when social media can be beneficial, how many emails can you send out in campaign periods and what you need before you even start thinking about digital. Throughout the session we will look at what resources (human and financial) are needed for small and large shops along the way to a successful digital strategy.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how digital can help support your annual fundraising plan.

  • Learn how much financial investment is necessary on digital channels. 

  • Learn the appropriate times for staff to be hired to support with your digital strategy.

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